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What if… Opening Day could get here sooner!

What if… Opening Day could get here sooner!

We’re in the final countdown to our 2022 season – how is the time going by so slowly?

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory, but I’m too excited to keep it bottled in. We’re so close to Opening Day 2022, and there’s so much to do! From cleaning up our banks to pumping up our ranks, we here at Lander’s are getting ready for the season. The behind the scenes work includes a lot of prep; but just know that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that your party has a safe and fun time under our purview.

If your mind is in the same place mine is in, we’ve got something we need to talk about real quick.

Summer is right around the corner. The kids are running in to their last two months of school. You’ve been teleworking all winter cooped up in the house (and it’s been a long winter). The only thing keeping you sane is the four-legged companion currently snoozing by your feet. Last month, we chatted briefly about dogs being welcome at Lander’s but I didn’t really go into too much detail. Ever since, it’s been apparent that Fido’s been having a pretty long winter too.

I agree; he deserves a fun in the sun getaway as much as the rest of the family – lucky for him, Lander’s is dog friendly and accepting reservations!

That’s right. You can bring your furry friend with you on your next Delaware River trip with Lander’s. And the best part? They’re journey down the River can be free! If you’re taking your pup with you on a canoe or kayaking excursion, there’s no charge for their presence in your party. All you’ll need to do is get them suited up in their best life vest and fill out a waiver. For more information, you can check out our Dog Protocol on our website.


Pup, check. Reservation, check. Is there anything else we can do to get set up ahead of our river romping?

With so much time between water sport outings, there may be a few things that need a refresh before the season starts up. Below is a little checklist of a few items you may need to replace/check out before heading back onto the river this summer:

  • Sunscreen – okay, hear me out on this one. Sunscreen can actually expire, and that makes it pretty much useless. Make sure your sunscreen supplies are within their usable dates; you can also stock up on a new bottle or spray can (dealer’s choice).
  • Bug spray – bug spray, just like sunscreen, can peter out in effectiveness the longer you have it.
  • Life vest – we do supply life vests (for bi-peds) but if you have one that you usually bring with you, you may need to check it out for rips or tears. If a life vest has been altered or repaired, it becomes not as reliable. Also, your pup will need his or her own life vest.
  • Water shoes – these are another one of those things that can lose their effectiveness overtime. We recommend you protecting your feet as much as possible! Plus, there’s never a bad time to buy new shoes.


Make your river reservation today!

You can reserve your party’s excursion by giving us a call or checking out our website. If you’d rather join us for a night under the stars, you can give us a call at 800-252-3925 to help create a camping consensus sure to delight the whole family!

We’ll see you on the river!