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What if… we could spend all day every day doing our favorite spring activities?

 March is here and with it comes a tide of new beginnings.

Lander's River Trips Riverfront Camping

Back before the calendar we know today was established, March had been the first month of a new year. Named after the Roman god Mars, March was the signal of new beginnings for everyone. With the vernal equinox (one of only two times out of the year when the sun is above the equator),  when an entire day was spent equally in lightness and darkness, Romans knew that a new year had started. Activities that were put on hold over the cold winter months could resume and for farmers it was the right time to begin new plantings.


This year, as we welcome the third month of the year and the beginning of spring, we are celebrating a ton of new beginnings. With the addition of a new granddaughter, the brink of a new season on the river, and the freshness of new grass and leaves in the air, Landers is chock full of newness – and freshness – and we’re excited to share it with you!


This month, we’ll be welcoming a new spring – and springing into our 2022 season!


If you’re anything like us, the first few weeks of warm weather have you getting out and about as much as possible. Between the itch to be in the fresh air and the reminder that we’ve been couped inside for the last three months hiding from the snow (alongside the year and a half before that… but that’s besides the point) have seen us soaking up as much sunshine as possible. Part of our plan to get as many rays as we can before next winter is to start planning out my river excursions for the next few months.


We are currently accepting reservations for our 2022 season – and we all know the best way to make sure that you have a fun and unfettered trip down the river is to plan ahead. Whether it’s mapping out which landing you’re kicking off from, trying to decide whether you’ll be in the mood for a casual raft or fast canoe down the river, or determining which camping snacks you’ll need, having a plan in place ensures that you and your entire party will be perfectly prepared for your visit with us. Also, giving us a call now allows us to make sure there’s availability for all of the members of your party.


Don’t forget your furry friend when you give us a call! Dogs are allowed on all river sport vehicles, which means that fido can also join in on the fun.

Make your river reservation today!


You can reserve your party’s excursion by giving us a call or checking out our website. If you’d rather join us for a night under the stars, you can give us a call at 800-252-3925 to help create a camping consensus sure to delight the whole family!


We’ll see you on the river!