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What if…summer lasted all year long?

Eighty degree temperatures, days lasting until after eight at night, a constant stream of iced cold drinks, and the lazy sway of the water over rocks in the riverbend. A daily nirvana of sun and fun. And a summer that’ll never end…


That might be a little bit of wishful thinking on our part but hey… but we can dream can’t we? One look out the window and it’s clear that summer’s going the way of the birds, and ushering in a whole new world with it.



It’s October and while we’re celebrating the change of the leaves and the cooling of the weather, we’re also counting the minutes until next summer.


There is nothing more picturesque than a fall day in the Catskills. The sky is a crisp blue, the leaves are doing their annual shift from green to brown, the fashion is changing from shorts to boots. Fall brings with it a whole list of wonderful things: coffee and cider, pumpkins and apples, scary movies and sweaters, and so much more. It is, without a doubt, my favorite time of the year.


However, with the turn of the seasons also comes the turn of the family outing calendar. Trips down the river and nights under the stars turn in to apple picking outings and pumpkin carving. Instead of planning your next sunshiny getaway, you’re busy started to plan out your holiday shopping list. Those hazy, crazy summer days are left behind in anticipation for the colder weather and the memory making to come.


It’s a beautiful, if slightly melancholy, transition for sure.



We have one more weekend left to the season.


Lamenting aside, there are still a few days left to our 2021 season! While I’m over here waxing poetic about the fall, there’s still plenty of time to get on the water or have one last camping trip out under the night sky. One more weekend to explore the Delaware, make a few warm weather memories, and get a little wet one last time before the seasons change.


Here at Lander’s, we still have plenty of openings for excavations in the water. For late nights counting constellations. For a little wayward journeying. You can give us a call today, or check out our website for more information on booking your last summer sojourn. There is no better way to celebrate the last few days of warmth!


And – with the holidays fast approaching – there is still plenty of time to swing by and pick up a couple of gift certificates. These make great gifts, and will be a great way to start mapping out future river trips!



A parting question.


It’s been a fun summer, from getaways to giveaways, and we are so grateful we had the chance to spend it with all of you! It can be hard to document all of the fun we’re having, but we have a special favor to ask. If you’ve had a blast on the river, or at one of our campsites, and posted pictures of your Lander’s visit please don’t forget to tag us in them!


We’d love to see how you spent your time with us, and are grateful for all of the laughs – and the memories – we’ve been able to share with you this summer!


We’ll see you on the river!