rafting on the Delaware River

What if… we could hold on to this summer just a little while longer?

It’s the third week of August and school is amongst us.


Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday we were opening our doors and ushering in the first guests of the summer, and now there’s a change in the air. The days are already getting shorter and the air has that cool, crisp smell it only gets when fall is right around the corner.


And ya know what else is around the corner? School!


That’s right, it’s time for our kiddos to start hitting the books again. Which means more moving schedules, new book bags, and my personal favorite, fresh, unused, brand new pens and paper. It also means more time inside, and for some kids, a lot more screen time. Not exactly a plus but not the end of the world.

rafting on the Delaware River


Create a sense of excitement for going back to school.


With the kind of year we’ve had, it can be understandable that your students might be feeling a little trepidacious. Instead of making a countdown for going back to class, it might be beneficial to create a fun environment for your student. Whether it be letting them help with the ‘back-to-school list’ or giving them one last hurrah before the school year begins, creating some positivity in that back-to-school scene is vital.


One of the ways you can do that is by planning your students one last summer adventure. And we might just be able to help.



We’re here when your family is ready to take that one last adventure.


Well, time is running out until the end of the summer, but that doesn’t mean that the fun is on its way out the door. There’s still plenty of time to sneak in that last minute adventure with the kids, and to form some memories to help take the place of the less than pleasant ones invented in the last couple of months.


With a few good weeks left until the fall, there’s still time to book your family’s river excursion! Come take a trip down the river or spend a night under the stars. Mother Nature is our oyster and there’s so much that can be learned from her. Plus, less screen time can help your students focus before hitting the books. Some outdoor time has so many advantages. Berkeley did a whole study where, amongst other things, the findings indicated that students focused way more after getting some time outside. Add to that the health benefits fresh air and exercise can have on kids and it’s a no brainer.


If that’s not reason enough, think about all the memories you’ll make! The start of another school year is proof positive that the kids are getting older. And there’s nothing sweeter to celebrate the passing of another milestone as a new memory or two.


Whatever your reasons are for getting on the river, Lander’s has you covered. Don’t forget to give us a call today to book your next river excursion!


We’ll see you soon!