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What if working out could be fun?



For some of us, exercise is anything but fun.


If you’re like me, you and physical activity of any kind have a wary relationship. It’s not that I don’t like physical activity – I just don’t have any fun with it. Well, for the most part anyway. When I am looking to have some fun outside there are a few things that really get me excited. And most of them have to do with being on the water.


Did you know that water sports are actually extremely good for looking to get in to shape?


Water exercises can be just as beneficial, and more often easier on your body, when compared to dry-land sports. Working out on (or in) the water is often a great way to increase your body’s flexibility and in-and-of itself is a fabulous way to burn calories. Besides, using water to work out, can improve muscle tone. Which are all pluses if you, like almost half of America, are trying to drop a few quarantine pounds or just trying to give yourself a little extra energy.


How do you rank Lander’s river sports – specifically in terms of calorie burning?


Looking for a fun way to get outside and burn some calories this summer? Check out our river sports ranking below to find out just how many calories are burned and which muscles are worked during each of our fantastic water sports offerings!


  1. Canoeing: Canoeing burns between 300 and 500 calories an hour on average, and works out your obliques (muscles used to turn the torso), lats (latissimus dorsi), and triceps.


  1. Kayaking: Kayaking burns approximately 400 calories an hour on average, and works out your back, shoulders, arms, hands, and heart muscles.


  1. Rafting: Rafting burns approximately 350 calories an hour on average, and works out your deltoids, biceps, triceps, and quads, as well as your obliques and abs.


  1. Tubing: Tubing burns approximately 180 to 250 calories an hour on average, and while it doesn’t target as many muscles as the others do, it’s still a great way to get outside and have fun.

Don’t just take our word for it!


The CDC has a whole web page dedicated to the benefits of water exercise on the body and brain. Just like any other form of exercise, water sports help exercise more than just your muscles. Working out is good for brain function and can increase sleep quality, which is good for the whole body.



We still have another couple of months left to our 2021 season. There’s plenty of time to get out there on the water and get some exercise. Don’t forget to give us a call today to book your river sports workout today!