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It’s a busy month here at Lander’s River Trips.

It’s a busy month here at Lander’s River Trips.


It’s the top of the 2021 season – and already we’re bustling. Before I dive too far in to detail I’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who made the time to come out for Mother’s Day and help us celebrate opening back up for the year! It’s been fantastic to see everyone out here enjoying our favorite place on Earth, safely and with huge success.


Aside from just opening up for the year, we’re celebrating a couple of big holidays this month! May is a big month for new beginnings, family outings, and time to enjoy sunshine. Plus, two of the biggest holidays of the month happen to happen over a weekend – the perfect time to take your family on its next big adventure!


We are thankful and celebrate all Mothers.


It can be hard to find a way to celebrate mom, especially when the world still has so many unknowns in it. One of the things that we know for sure, though, is that moms deserve a day – well we believe a whole month – to just relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Including a beautiful place to take a breath and get to spend some time unplugged with their families.


Lander’s has been built on a tradition of strong mothers – women who make the world run, make sure everyone’s happy and healthy, and make time to enjoy the little things. It’s safe to say that Mother’s Day is one of our absolutely favorite holidays for that reason. Moms have had a long year – just like the rest of us – and there’s a ton of importance to taking the time to celebrate the matriarchs of the family. Thank you to everyone who brought their moms this past weekend by giving her a day away from work and chores, and time spent in the fresh air with no concerns or big to-dos on the agenda. There’s still time this month to celebrate her!


We open the month on a holiday, it’s only fitting we close out the month with one too.


May is one of those weird months where it’s most famous holidays always fall on the same calendar day, and aren’t date oriented. The other big one that we’re celebrating this year is Memorial Day, that last, hopefully sunny weekend of the month and the last push before summer vacation. A day dedicated to celebrating all of the people who have given themselves to allow us the freedom to celebrate the holidays. A nice, peaceful day – attached to a long weekend full of friends and family, food and fun. And a great way to excise some energy ahead of wrangling those summer schedules and tackling work and school being out.


With a year of being stuck inside behind us, there’s a better way to be distanced.


Lucky for you, Lander’s has got you covered with the best ways to celebrate the month of May, and our moms and military service members, while remaining socially distanced and safe. Our safety protocols allow our guests to enjoy themselves, and to find safe outlets for that excess energy built up over the last few months. You can check out our website for more information and to book your May river trip journey.


Hope to see you soon!