Lander's River Trips

What if… this year we were able to make the most of our resolutions?

What if… this year we were able to make the most of our resolutions?

Lander's River Trips

We know better than to mess with a good thing.

Here at Lander’s River Trips, we do our best every year to be the place where you and your family can come to relax, let loose, and rediscover yourselves. Over the course of the last 66 years we’ve perfected being the place to be, whether it be to explore the Delaware, get out of the house for a bit, or just soak up the sun. We’ve taken things in stride, changed with the times (when needed), charged ahead in a world of uncertainty, and ended every season eternally grateful for the friends, and the memories, we’ve made. In 2021, we’re promising you one thing: we won’t be changing the way we do things. Our mission will continue to be keeping you and your loved ones as safe as possible, so you can enjoy every moment of your visit. You’ve had enough to worry about, let us take care it from here.

Summer will be here before you know it.

Right now, the weather outside is not delightful. Sure, the snow’s pretty – but let’s be honest here, warm weather can’t get here soon enough. It’s cold and it’s wet, and we’re all a little beyond tired of sitting inside. In a little over three months we’ll be able to hit the shores of the Delaware again and if you’re anything like us you’re counting down the minutes.

Not to toot our own horn, but we have some amazing things lined up for you guys in 2021. Whether it’s exploring the Delaware River or enjoying any of our three glorious campsites, Lander’s has the space for you and your loved ones to get the most out of your time together. We have about fifteen weeks until we’re open for our 2021 season, which is plenty of time to start planning out your next visit (and plenty of shows left to stream in the meantime… ).

With spring right around the corner, it’s hard not to look forward to the sunshine – and the outside time – ahead. One thing that I do encourage, though, is making the best of this winter. Head outside and make some snow angels or stay in with a cup of cocoa and a good book, the cold won’t be here for long!

So… what do we do while we wait?

In the meantime, with the first of the year behind us, it’s time that we really hold ourselves accountable to those new year’s resolutions. Maybe this year is finally going to be the year you get that new car, or you take up archery, or you take a little less time watching television and pick up a couple more books. Or you decided to get back in to jogging in the morning or making some more time for your neighbors. No matter your resolutions, we’ve compiled a couple of quick tips to help you stay on track with your 2021 goals!

Please find below a few quick tips to get you in to the new year mood:

  • Set a 2021 bucket list: include one new goal for yourself, one new place to visit, and one new experience you haven’t had before. Setting a bucket list, instead of trying to hold fast to resolutions, can help you branch out and discover new things.
  • Start meditating: a lot of us are still stuck at home more than ever before – one way to combat feeling physically stuck is to expand your mind. Meditation has been proven to increase brain functionality, reduce stress, and even help regulate your body; it takes no more than fifteen minutes a day but can provide you with a whole new perspective.
  • Plan your next Lander’s trip: did you get a gift card in your stocking? Did the kids get some new outdoors equipment they can’t wait to try out? Did you include getting outside more in your list of resolutions? Do you just need a break from your living room? Whatever the reason, Lander’s has the perfect location to accommodate your family this summer – just give us a call (1-800-252-3925) or visit our website to start planning today.

River tip: While planning your Lander’s trip, check out our assortment of river sports options! There’s no better way to welcome a new year than trying something new, and nothing a little kayaking trip down the river can’t fix.