lander's river trips

What if…we got really lucky and spring came a little early this year?


I can’t promise that the beginning of March is going to bring us any warmer weather, but I can promise it’ll bring us one step closer to the River.

lander's river trips

March has come in on a cold note, leaving us a little chilled and thinking of warmer days. We haven’t seen a lot of snow this year, but we’ve seen enough cold that things can feel a little cabin-feverish. I don’t know about you but I am itching to get back out in the fresh air. However, this month is giving us more of a lamb than a lion feel this year and we’re looking at some relatively warm temperatures in the next couple of days. This lamb is also dragging along behind it the promise of higher temperatures, sunnier days, and the knowledge that our water shoes are about to come out of their winter slumber.

That’s right, friends. We’re looking at less than two months until Lander’s River Trips opens for our 2020 season. It’s going to be a great one. We have a calendar jam-packed full of fun things for you and your loved ones to do out on the water or at one of our gorgeous camp sites. From music to memories, we’re celebrating 65 in style and looking forward to sharing the experience with you.

This early spring weather is only leading to celebrating the warm weather with the best campground in the area.

March signals the beginning of a lot of things. The beginning of trees starting to get their green leaves back, the weather picking up, and, of course, the Lander’s opening day calendar. We’ve got our watches set and are waiting eagerly to open our doors, and our fantastic Delaware River access, to you.  Now, while we’re counting down to opening day, we’re also celebrating some things.

Like the first few touches of spring in the air. We have fresh, clean air, and a little bit of sunshine trying to warm up the earth, and that’s something to really enjoy. We’re looking forward to celebrating this spring with you guys, maybe a little more than ever, because you have given us so much to be thankful for. Because of your tremendous support, we were voted the Best Campground for the 2019 Best Awards from The River Reporter.

Come on down to Lander’s River Trips and let us show you what all the buzz was about with this fantastic honor.

River tip: While waiting for summer, pick up a book to enjoy by the river – nothing goes better together than a trip for your mind and your body on the water.