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What if…you could feel the love of the river in the air this February?

What if…you could feel the love of the river in the air this February?

Love is in the air here at Lander’s – love for each other, love for our community, and most of all love for the Delaware River.

landers river trips

February is here and that means that we’re busy as ever, getting ready for opening day – this year, it’s May 1st so mark those calendars! (For those of you who, like myself, are counting that’s three months from now!). Lander’s is turning 65 this year, and with that is coming a lot of new memories, a lot of new family members, and a whole lotta love. We’ve been busy this winter growing our family – and our ideas for next year – and we’re excited to get to spread the love to you and yours this summer.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re reflecting on all of the wonderful things in our lives that we love and have to be grateful for. One of them is the fact that we get to wake up every day and go to work doing the things that we really enjoy. Whether it be taking excursions down the river, watching the sunlight peak through the hearty full tree line, or helping someone find the perfect place to spend a night or two unplugged, we get to do the things we’re passionate about. And we get to share that passion with the ones we care about.

This Valentine’s Day practice a little self-love too. 

It’ll be a while yet before you can escape down the Delaware or lay under the stars and really contemplate the meaning of life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of yourself – and prep for your next Lander’s trip – now.  One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, especially if you’re thinking about taking a trip down to Lander’s when the weather turns warmer, is to educate yourself on what to look out for, and what to do, when you come down to Narrowsburg to visit Lander’s.

You might be thinking that one is a stretch – that planning a trip to Lander’s is a lot less than what you would normally consider ‘self-love’ but here me out. We talked last year about how taking a trip down the Delaware River, or getting outside at all, has been proven to be good for your physical and mental health. And, after spending months cooped inside watching the weather fluctuate between winter and early spring it’s necessary to get those warm, creative juices flowing. Even thinking about warmer weather, outdoors adventures, and just generally happy thoughts has also been proving (add article) to improve your quality of life and your mood. If nothing else, it’s worth a shot right?

While we’re counting down the days until we can get back to doing what we really love, we’re working on something special just for you.

Here at Lander’s, we’re not just sitting idle and waiting for the weather to change. We’re getting creative, thinking of new ways to make your summer with us even more amazing. After all, we are 65. While we agree that you really shouldn’t change something that’s been working so well for decades, we also know that keeping things fresh makes it more fun for everyone. Consider it a late Valentines Day gift from us, as we promise that this summer, we’ll have events, experiences, and time set aside to make your summer truly magical.

This year, Lander’s turns 65 years old and we’re looking forward to celebrating this milestone birthday with all of you! After 65 years in the game, we’re really looking forward to seeing what the next year has in store for us. With spring around the corner, the magic of Valentine’s Day in the air, and the newest additions to our large, extended family, we are really excited for the 2020 season.

River tip: Plan out your Lander’s trip early! Make a game plan for what you want to do, and where you want to visit, with a little help from our website and a little outside help, you could have your greatest yet.