landers river trips 2020 65th anniversary

What if…April was just around the corner?


New year, new us?

Yeah…we didn’t think so. I mean, why mess with a really good thing when you know that it works? It’s like saying ‘Hey, ya know what would make this Mac’N’Cheese even better? Lobster!’ Wait…okay…that one works really well actually. Let me backtrack; it’s more like saying ‘Hey, ya know what would make this sunny day better? Some rain.’ Okay…there we go…good example.

Where was I? Oh, right.

New Years has come and gone, and with them came a whole list of resolutions for all of us. Some of us decided we wanted to stop binge watching Netflix (that one has already gone out the window) or made a vow to spend more time exercising. Maybe you decided you wanted to start doing yoga again, or were finally going to get that pixie cut that you’ve been daydreaming about for the last four years. Or, maybe, you didn’t make any new years resolutions going into 2020. You’re just coasting that high of the new year, trying to stop yourself from eating that chocolate cake that’s been sitting in the fridge for the last week, and enjoying the fact that all of your weekly television favorites are about to pick up from their mid-season break.

However you’re spending this hazy week after the first of the year, one thing is for sure – you, just like us here at Lander’s, are counting down the days until April.

Our 2020 season is only weeks away and this Season is our 65th Anniversary!

That’s right, 65 years and we have some exciting events on the horizon. Stay tuned for more details to come!

We have reached the point where we are able to count down those days until we can hit the river again. (It’s twelve weeks in case you were wondering). We’re waiting for the sunshine, counting down the minutes until we can lay out under the stars, and are watching the temperature sit cozily around way too cold. I don’t know about you – but the only thing keeping me from going stir crazy is the knowledge that in a few months I’ll be able to soak up the sun while rafting my way down the Delaware.

Here at Lander’s, we have a whole summer packed full of fun trips down the river, amazing nights under the stars, and fun events sure to keep you and your family and friends out enjoying the best of life all summer long. Thankfully, the first of the year also means that it’s already January. We know the last three months have been hard  – we miss the river as much as you do – but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. April is only three months away, the weather will eventually get warm again, and until then we have a lot to look forward to.

For now, though, is there a way that Lander’s can help you fulfill some of those new year resolutions?

In the meantime, while we’re crossing days off our calendar and trying to catch up with our resolutions, there is one constant that’ll make Lander’s 2020 season AND your resolution day-planner happy. And that is a Lander’s gift certificate.

Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of us have made resolutions to improve ourselves. Whether they be spending more time outside and/or with our family and friends, taking better care of ourselves, or just trying something new, Lander’s gift certificates make it possible for you to hit all those checkmarks and then some. You can take a trip down the river and find yourself,  or take the kids and show them what it’s like to watch the sun set and rise over a beautiful, quiet place. You can gift that friend whose been telling you about her childhood kayaking stories with a trip down memory lane or show your mom the rapids you went down last year that made her a little nervous hearing about.  Or, if you’re still a little behind with the work secret Santa you can use your Lander’s gift card as a great way to show your co-worker that you were thinking about them during the holiday break, you just wanted to get them something they’d really enjoy.

You can visit our website or give us a call to learn more about Lander’s, our gift certificates, and our 2020 season. We’ll see you in April!

River tip: While resolutions are sometimes hard to keep up with, spending time on the Delaware River is a great way to take care of yourself and spend time with those you love – which will definitely help you check off some things on that resolutions list.