lander's gift certificates

A Gift That Speaks 1,000 Words

What if…you could give the gift of a winter wonderland this holiday season?

It’s that wonderful time of the year again – the holidays are upon us!

The turkey is all trimmed, we’re all stuffed on stuffing, and the first snow of the season is definitely letting us know what time of year it is. For some lucky folks, there’s a fire crackling away and the smell of coffee brewing in the air. For others, there’s a football game waiting for our attention and a few holiday cookies left for grabs. No matter how you’re spending this beautiful first week of December one thing is for sure, we’re all doing one very important task right now. We’re thinking about the holidays.

There are nine major holidays, and a bunch more, that are celebrated globally in the month of December. That makes for a lot of running, cooking, traveling, conversing, planning, and, still, more eating. It also means that, for a lot of us, there are gifts to give and time to spend with the people we hold the closest to our hearts. Whether you’re celebrating Kwanza or one of the saints, you’re bound to be looking for a gift or two to give out. Which means a lot of time at the store and picking your brain trying to find what works just right for everyone.

I know, for sure, my gift list is a mile long. Siblings, nieces and nephews, parents, friends; there’s a lot of people looking for gift tags with my name on them! I’ve been wracking my brain these last few weeks to try and figure out what the best gifts to give are and it struck me, I’m sitting on a little gift right here in New York.

Now what could I possibly be ranting about?

If you, or anyone you could possibly be buying for this Christmas season, are already looking forward to next summer, then we have your one stop shop for gift giving this year. Lander’s River Trips will reopen next April for another season of outdoors fun under the sun and one of the best ways that you can prepare your friends and family are with Lander’s gift certificates. These make great stocking stuffers or perfect, ready to mail gifts for those that are out of town. They are also pretty versatile. You can purchase them just for a trip down the river or a night under the stars, or both.

A gift that speaks a thousand words.

When you give a Lander’s gift card, you’re giving more than just a trip or two down the river. You’re giving memories that will last a lifetime in one of the most peaceful places on Earth. You’re giving nights out under a blanket of stars and mornings spent in open fresh air, finding yourself in a place where the quiet of nature overcomes any stresses from the rush of a corporate lifestyle. You’re giving a child their first trip down the Delaware River or a family their first night eating marshmallows and graham crackers around a camp fire. But more than any of that, you are giving a gift that shows that you truly thought about the person receiving it – how they would like it, what kind of use they would get out of it.

So, whether you’re looking to furnish the stocking of those nature lovers in your life or are looking to inspire someone with the promise of a fun night out once the weather turns, Lander’s gift certificates will make a great holiday treat for just about anyone on your list this holiday season. To purchase, you can give us a call at 1 (800) 252-3925 or inquire on our website for more information.

River tip: your Lander’s gift certificates can be turned into cute ‘message in a bottle’ stocking stuffers – all you need are mini glass jars/bottles with corks and some seasonal ribbon.