Gayle Skinners Falls Campground

2019 It’s a Wrap (almost)

What if…saying goodbye wasn’t so bittersweet?

We’re here, whether we like it or not – the end of the season.

When we started this April, bright eyed and bushy tailed, it felt like we had forever before us. The air still had a while before it hit the summer heat and the river was in that post-thaw, pre-sun phase where it was still cold at noon. The world was our oyster, we had a calendar full of events around the corner – summer was going to last forever.

Summer’s come, and it’s gone, and while we have a thousand great memories from the time we first opened in April, we can’t bring it back. Not that we should lament, though. Some of the best things of the year are still ahead of us (I smell pumpkin pie and hear sleigh bells, now that I mention it) and the Delaware River region is just as beautiful in the middle of January as it is in the middle of July.

It’s time to pack up and start working on our 2020 bucket list.

This year, as we get ready to close up shop and spend the winter months with our family, friends, fitness routines, and fantastic reads, our hearts and our heads are already looking toward summer of 2020. I for one have started a list of things I want to do when the weather turns warm again (lots of hiking, rafting, kayaking, nature photography, a picnic by the water, etc.).

While dreaming about the river, fantasizing around the way it washes down the rapids and fills the air with its peaceful drum, isn’t as great as being on it, it’ll definitely keep me going for the next six months. Making a list yourself can make next summer go by much smoother – you’ll have ideas about what you and your family want to do once the weather turns warm again which can make planning your river and camping trips that much easier – and can help you pass the time until it gets warm again.

The river is truly beautiful this time of year – so don’t worry, it’s not time to lament just yet.

It may be cold – and it may be a little wet – but the Delaware River Region is truly stunning this time of year. The leaves are finally turning that beautiful burnt auburn color, the sky is shifting from summer blue to winter gray, and the air is crisp and clean. Lander’s might be closing for the year but our little corner of the world is still bursting with life right now. We still have one last weekend of fun in the sun before we close up shop until 2020. That means one more weekend on the water, one more night under the stars, one more adventure in the fresh air of the world around us.

If you hurry, you can still go to our website or give us a call – we’re around to answer (year-round). With one last weekend left, there is plenty of time to book your last trip down the river or night under the stars until the new year. Set up shop under the stars, take a canoe through the water, sip hot chocolate by the fire, and channel your inner river adventurer prior to the holidays, and send us off in style.

River tip: While planning next year’s river adventures, make sure you book your campsites in advance – this way, you have the best chances of getting the spot you and your family love.