Fall on the Delaware River


What if…there was real magic in the world and, if only for a second, we could be a part of it?

Lucky for you – in the Delaware River Region, there is.

Fall is in the air and here at Lander’s we are celebrating that in full force. If you remember last week, we took the time to outline a few of our favorite local fall activities on the cusp of what is surely proving to be a glorious autumn in the tri-state area. We talked camping, apple picking, and pumpkin patches – three of the greatest things that come out of the slow, glorious drop in temperature this time of year.

And it is, in fact, finally fall. This Monday, September 23nd, we are ushering in fall on the calendar. As of midnight, the fall solstice will have taken place and this time next week we’ll be breaking out our ankle books, checkered scarves, and starting to make ‘winter needs’ lists. Before we start winterizing our houses, Christmas shopping for the masses, and cleaning out those woodburning fireplaces and stoves, we want to make the most we can out of the change of the weather.

Fall on the Delaware River is a bucket list worthy sight.

I know that I talk a lot about how gorgeous the Delaware River is – the clear water, miles of open sky, and thick forestry make it a must-be destination most of the year – there is something magical about the Region once the weather starts to dip below 70 degrees. There’s a reason why so many books, sonnets, songs, and scripts have been written about our slice of the tri-state area; especially when the weather takes a turn and the world is touched with a scent of jolliness. The scarlet, gamboge, and canary shades of leaves as they drip from summer green to winter’s crisp brown; the soft gray tint that overtakes the sky a little more daily; the damp scent the air takes on the closer we get to November; it’s the stuff of fairytales.

Have you ever walked through a tree lined clearing, watching the color drip from the flush leaves and cool breeze lifting them into the sky? Or, have you ever sat in a kayak on the open water, watching the sky drift from the cool bright blue of an autumn to the tepid, silvery gray of its conclusion? If not – you are definitely missing out my friend. No worries, though, Lander’s 2019 season runs for another month yet, perfect time for you to take advantage of our flush trees for all your fall adventure needs.

Okay; you’re listening, and probably wondering what else there is to do aside from the off-site activities we talked about already?

I’m here to tell you that there is plenty fall fun to be had right here at Lander’s and in surrounding Narrowsburg and the quaint towns on the Pennsylvania side of the river. For one thing, if you have not been hiking after the weather starts to turn you are sorely missing out. For another, we still have four weeks of water play ahead of us.

From our Skinner’s Falls and Narrowsburg hubs, you can catch a kayak, hop in a canoe, or take a raft down the Delaware before it freezes for the winter. While on the river, make sure that you take shots of the fall foliage as it lights up the river’s banks. You’ll thank us later when you go back and look at those glamor shots in a couple months, especially when it snows!

All in all, there is magic in the world around us this fall. We invite you to come out and spend your autumn days with us before we wrap up for the season. You won’t regret it.

River tip: Looking for some fall activities with the kids? Start a leaf collection! Phytomorphology, the study of leaves, is a lot of fun for kids of all ages and can teach them a lot about the natural world!