Fall Outdoor activities

Fall Happenings

What if…we could celebrate fall all day, every day?

Okay – it’s time to face facts; the drop in temperature has been less than stellar the last couple of weeks.

I know, I know. We were so excited about the fall weather, the falling leaves, the switch from sandals to boots, the knowledge that soon enough we’ll be drinking apple cider instead of lemonade. No matter how excited we are for fall, it’s still hard to see the sunshine, the green leaves, the dog days of summer slip through our fingers. Of course, we are still clinging to those last good days of sunny weather. We’ve still got a few good weeks of sunshine left – some good days on the river, some green grass still filling our campsites, even a few days where we’re going to get above eighty. But fall is here to stay; we might as well usher it in with some fun.

Fall happens to be the best time to go camping.

Wilderness.org has a great article on the ins and outs of fall camping, which is all about embracing the last breaths of fresh air before the cold steels in and the world is covered in a blanket of snow and ice. Fall camping is the best way to celebrate the aftermaths of summer and usher in the holidays; it’s the time to bundle up in flannels and hiking boots and enjoy that last brilliant campfire before the year comes to an end. We offer riverside camping until October 12th for all your fall camping fun.

Whether its gazing out at the stars  at Narrowsburg or taking an evening stroll along the river at Skinner’s Falls; fall at Lander’s campgrounds is a magical time. The beautiful scenery of our little corner of the world makes fall camping something special. The changing leaves, crystalline water of the Delaware River, and our little hamlet of fall fun make it easy to get lost in yourself and the beauty of nature that has us all surrounded. Plus, now that the temperature is a lot cooler it’s easier to sleep comfortably in a tent – especially when there’s more than one of us in it!

Besides, what’s more fun than getting out on the river one more time?

It all comes back to our beautiful little chunk of the Delaware River. Spending your time outside in autumn is fun no matter how you slice it but being able to do what you love one more time before you’ve got to switch those water shoes for snow boots makes all the difference. So, come on out for one more kayaking trip down the river before it starts to freeze over.  Make a couple memories to take with you on those cold winter nights where we’re snowed in and drinking hot chocolate. You’ll thank us later.

There’s a lot of things you can do in the Delaware River region in the fall that are just as fun as summer activities.

Fall is synonymous with the passing of growth, the start of the dead of winter, the ending of a year. We can feel it in the air, when we breathe in deep and can smell the crispness of colder temperatures and the soft breezes that like to flit through the continuously shedding trees. There is so much more to fall than the loss of things: fall is also synonymous with apple picking – one of my favorite fall activities.

In a little less than a week apple picking season will begin my friends! Our ideal location, right on the border of New York and Pennsylvania, makes it easy for us to do some quality apple picking at any number of farms. Apple Ridge Orchards, in Warwick, and Klim’s Orchard, in Lake Ariel, are two of my favorite apple picking destinations – both of which are in short distance of our three beautiful campgrounds.

If you’re not a big fan of apple picking there are other fun things one can do on some of the quaint little family farms in the area. Looking for a great corn maze? You can always try out Pierson’s Farm  in Middleton for a whirl through the maze with the kids. Or you and your special person can dip out for a while and bring home a plethora of pumpkins for carving, just in time for Halloween, from places like Cunningham Family Farms in Swan Lake.  

The list goes on, there are dozens of beautiful family establishments in the bi-state area perfect for fall.

River tip: Looking for some advice while packing your fall camping trip? You can check out great fall camping articles or give us a call to find out what you need to make the most out of your last camping adventure of the season.