Class Break

Take a CLASS Break with LANDER’S

What if…you could find something fun for the kids to do on the weekends before it gets too cold to go outside?

Ah…school’s in session; we’re getting up early with the kids, packing lunches and helping with homework at night, and trying to think of some way to make the most of our weekends.

Now that September is here, our daily routines sure are changing. Gone are those glorious days of summer; sun on our face, wind in our hair, no worries about due dates and science tests, all a thing of days in the recent past. Now our calendars are full of sports games and study sessions and field trips instead of barbeques and play dates. There’s a cool chill in the air and the leaves are starting to turn from green to red and brown. Pretty soon we’ll be putting together Halloween costumes and getting ready for homecoming games. Isn’t it crazy how fast time flies?

Of course, there’s more to September than just falling back into that school year routine. We still have warm days ahead of us; the thermostat won’t get turned up for another few weeks and we haven’t had to keep our windows closed at night just yet. With the leftover warmth from the summer still with us, we’ve still got some of our best river adventure days ahead.

Taking a rafting trip down the Delaware on the weekends is the perfect between school day treat.

We’ve only got a handful of good days left this year – in fact, in about a month, Lander’s 2019 season is coming to a close – so why not make the most of it? The River conditions are great right now, the change in weather has done nothing to keep the rapids from rolling and the end of summer temperatures are keeping water conditions a dream. Treat your kids, and yourself, with a little family fun time to help ease some of that back to school stress by coming down and taking a trip down the Delaware.

Why should a river trip with Lander’s be on your back-to-school check list?

A couple weeks ago, we talked about the benefits of relaxation when you’re stressed. Well, I don’t know about you but back-to-school season is probably the most stressful time of  year for me. Between the last minute school supplies runs, the new teachers and classmates to keep straight, and even the readjusting to the school year schedule, it can be pretty hectic. Taking a trip down the river is a proven way to relax in nature and the fresh air can do nothing but good for a person.

Let’s say you’re not stressed – you’re just looking for a way to blow off some steam with the kids now that those first weeks of school are behind. There’s nothing more fun than going rafting down the river or camping under the stars, especially when it’s as beautiful out as its been lately. Plus, with the cold weather right around the corner, there are only a few beautiful weekends left in 2019. What better way to make the most of them than spending some time out here with us?

Come on down – we’ve got a beautiful river just waiting to be seen.

You can give us a call anytime to book your river excursion and enjoy these last balmy days of early autumn on the water or at one of our campsites. We can’t guarantee nice weather so you’d better take advantage of it; the snow’s right around the corner and those homework assignments are only going to get tougher as the year goes on!

River tip: When you’re prepping for your river trip this September, make sure to bring extra clothes just in case the water’s colder than you were expecting.