Labor Day at Lander's

Labor Day at Lander’s

What if…we could spend this last weekend of summer doing what we really love?

The season is coming to an end but we’re not feeling too bad about it.

Ah…Labor Day. It’s the final weekend of summer, well, the summer season here in the Catskills. We’ve still got some glorious weeks of river time left – but it’ll be fast approaching those glorious weeks of early fall. The trees that frame the river will be turning golden brown and vibrant red and our beautiful four legged friends will be taking their last green grass frolics. Here at Lander’s, we’ll be open for the best weeks of fall yet to come, those fantastic six weeks that separate the end of summer and the holiday season. Our season doesn’t wrap up until October 14th, meaning that we’ve got a couple of great weeks ahead. 

Still, come next Tuesday we’ll be counting down until Halloween and starting to wrap up those Christmas presents. White pants will be a thing of the past until 2020 and we’ll be exchanging our paddles for ice skates. 

Yes, the magical fall/winter season is fast approaching. 

But – the cold weather is not quite here and we’re not trading our swimsuits for wetsuits just yet. In fact, the forecast is looking pretty clear and gloriously warm. And, it just so happens that our season is not drawing to a close either. From our spot on the Delaware River we’ve got a perfect breeze sifting through the trees, even as the leaves shift from their beautiful green to golden hues.

Whether you’re floating down the river on a raft or camping with your family in this blissful, late summer air, our haven makes it easy to remember that the best days are yet to come. With all the craziness of the beginning of school, the end of summer, and the push toward the holidays, it can be hard to remember to disconnect and take in the beauty of the world around us. We recommend getting it all in while you can, before you’re packing lunches for the kids and getting your Black Friday affairs in order. 

Labor Day weekend is the last big blowout of summer.

As we all know, what started out as nothing more than a day of recognition for our working class has become the gateway to the rest of the year. It’s that last weekend barbeque with the cousins, the neighbors down the street, and those old college friends. It’s the last time to sink your teeth into a juicy slice of watermelon before you’ve got to worry about teachers and grades and whether or not your kids are wearing the same shoes. It’s the best weekend of the summer and the last big hoorah for a while. 

Make the most of it. Come play on the river or enjoy a night toasting marshmallows at one of our glorious campsites. Have some fun without having to worry about the mess or the stress of hosting company or cleaning up after the day’s festivities are done. And, with our great packages, it’s easy to plan your last weekend trip.

Plus, if you have some free time, you can always take a trip into Narrowsburg to check out some of the shops or wonderful restaurants that our little town has to offer. 

Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes!

This past week we’ve been running a sweepstakes, sure to help make the transition from summer to fall a lot more fun. There’s still time to enter if you act fact: all you have to do is go on over to and fill out the form to be entered for a chance to win. But act fast, we’re doing the drawing on Friday, August 30th. Just in time for the weekend. And, if you’re looking to enter more than once, it’s even easier. All you have to do is tag us in a post on any of your social media pages, after filling out the form, and we’ll put your name in the drawing twice. 

River tip: To celebrate the end of summer, why not turn pictures of your river adventure into a collage? They look great in dorm rooms, living rooms, or bedrooms. 

This month’s river deal: Celebrate the dog days of summer! Take $5 off a 5 mile tubing trip all month long. (Applies to full priced trips only. No other discounts apply.)