Best Weekend Ever

Best Weekend Ever Sweepstakes!

What if…summer could last forever?

While it would be seriously awesome if summer could last forever, there are a couple of things that we would definitely miss out on.

Summer is great – the sun is great, the warm weather is a huge bonus, and who doesn’t love the beautiful sheen of sunlight off the Delaware River? We know that some of the best things come with the end of the summer season (sigh), like pumpkin spice lattes, Christmas presents, and snowmen, all of which make it hard for us to totally knock the idea of summer ending. But what if, for just a handful of more weeks, we celebrate the fact that we still have some summer left in us.

Here at Lander’s, we’re celebrating the end of summer in style.

Thankfully, we’ve got a couple more weeks of summer weather comin’ our way. With school starting just around the corner – less than a week for our PA neighbors but have no fear Narrowsburg, we’ve got a couple more weeks before bookbags and homeroom bells become our new best friends – it’s the perfect time of year to soak up those rays and get a little soaked. Our river packages make it easy to have a good time celebrating what little freedom we have left. 

And if our close proximity to the Delaware River and fantastic campsites weren’t enough to entice you…

It’s sweepstakes time! That’s right, we at Lander’s are hosting a Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes with your key to the best end of summer fun possible. You might be wondering how you enter, or what’s at stake? After all, you can’t have a sweepstakes without something fantastic on the line.  

Entering is real simple: for your first entry, all you have to do is head on over to and fill out the form. Easy enough right? We thought so. To make the stakes a little more interesting, you can absolutely enter more than once! To do so, share your entry on social media and tag Lander’s River Trips and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Okay…it’s easy to enter…but what do I have the chance to win?

The absolute best end of summer bash. We are offering sweepstakes contestants the chance to win a rafting trip for six (that’s right folks, you plus five of your favorite pals or that local extended family that you’re always trying to get together with the kids) plus one night of camping. On us. That’s right. You get the chance to go down the river and have a night under the stars on us.

What better way to close off the summer than with a special night with some of your favorite people, in arguably the best place on the planet. For our Upper Delaware River family, this is the perfect chance to spend time on our little slice of heaven. For any out of town guests, it’s the best way to get to know the area. Plus, who doesn’t like testing their luck with a little fun?

And when does the winner get announced?

We picked the best weekend of the summer to announce our prize winner. On Friday, August 30th, we will be announcing the winner of this spectacular trip. Just in time for the glorious, last day of summer – we are huge fans of Labor Day here on the Upper Delaware.

Even if you don’t win, we welcome you out on the river anytime.

Our package bundles, beautiful campgrounds, and friendly staff make it easy for you and your loved ones to enjoy these last hazy days of summer as worry free as possible. We’ve got the perfect package, the best weather, and the greatest space for you to enjoy. 

River tip: Labor Day is right around the corner. Make sure you book your Lander’s trip now because we have limited spaces and it’s bound to be a great weekend. 

This month’s river deal: Celebrate the dog days of summer! Take $5 off a 5 mile tubing trip all month long. (Applies to full priced trips only. No other discounts apply.)