Rick and Lisa Lander

An Ever Flowing River of Love and Family

What if…we could do the thing that we love everyday…? Oh wait, here at Lander’s, we do.

We all know by now that it’s family that makes Lander’s River Trips the successful Upper Delaware hotspot it is today.

We were built on the backbone of Bob Lander’s love of nature, community, and the Delaware River. Bob fell in love with the beauty of the river and the community he was a part of and that tradition has kept us going for over sixty years. 

Lisa and Rick, along with our amazing three mangers (Karen, Elaine, and Gale) make it easy for us to run like a family, operate like a family, and treat our guests like the family they are

Rick grew up being a part of the Lander’s business, back when it was just a couple of canoes and the river itself. After graduating in 1979 from Fairfield University he came back to keep on being a part of the tradition and, along with his partner (in all things from business to life’s little adventures) Lisa, they have grown Bob’s little business to encompass miles of the Delaware River’s most beautiful scenery. But more than just being a local business, Lander’s has become a part of the family. 

As a community run business, Lander’s River Trips has had the amazing opportunity to become a part of the Upper Delaware and surrounding communities. Rick, our commander in chief, is more than just a businessman in the area. He is a staple of the community, from volunteer firefighter and member of the ambulance corps to being the youngest Sullivan County/Tusten Town supervisor – a role he took on in his early 30’s – Rick has helped integrate his family business into the Upper Delaware community, and vice versa. When asked about their role in the community, Rick’s response, “We love our neighbors and friends in town and would be involved regardless of our business. We are a community that cares for one another,” only goes to further expound on Lander’s role in the local world. 

Lander’s has been actively involved in the Narrowsburg, New York, community for decades now. 

Lisa, the current matriarch of Lander’s River Trips, has also been an active participant in the ongoings of our little corner of the world. Lisa takes pride in Lander’s ability to lend a helping hand when Narrowsburg needs it. From starting the Tusten Youth Commission to being active with local children and the neighborhood PTA, Rick and Lisa have integrated themselves into the lives, and hearts, of everyone around them. 

Rick grew up in Narrowsburg and Lisa, while not a New Yorker via childhood, grew up a stones throw away in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania. When they met in 1980, Lisa gladly became a part of the family business. Her whirlwind romance with Rick (and the 37 subsequent years of happiness and health that followed) have made her just as large a staple around these parts. 

When asked what’s changed, and what’s stayed the same, since 1955, Lisa had a lot to stay.

Lisa thanked, and gave plenty of credit where it was due, to the three women who have helped run things for the last 15 plus years. Karen, Gale, and Elaine make it possible for Lander’s to continue to offer the best customer service in the river value. They are the reason guests continue to come back year after year.

“Our guests have always been incredible. We have lots of guests who continue to come with us for 30 – 40 plus years. It makes me so happy to know we’re part of their treasured summer memories.” Lisa’s opinion on the secret to success for Lander’s has been more than just our incredible managers and staff. It all boils down to family – to the customers that keep coming back and the customers who join us every season for the first time. We wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for these amazing members of our extended family. 

While some things have stayed the same, there have also been things that have changed rapidly over the last few years. Social media has changed the way that we market ourselves (and makes it even easier for us to reach people who are looking for a getaway in the Upper Delaware). More than just marketing, though, the internet has also helped us change what hasn’t been great and continuously connect to the people whose opinions matter to us most. Keep the feedback comin’, we love it. 

It’s been a wild ride over the last couple of decades.

We have had thousands of amazing people come in and out of our little haven over the last sixty years or so. Some favorite past events of our leading couple include the hosting the Mysterylanders at Narrowsburg campground for the Mysterland Festival at Bethel Woods and when we used to host thousands of seniors from SUNY Binghamton in the 80’s. 

We are also looking forward to the 50th Woodstock anniversary bonanza at Bethel woods on August 16-18. You’ll see us there jamming along and forming new memories, especially after we were so excited for the original festival (and Rick may have even pumped gas for a couple of the headliners) fifty years ago. 

Lisa did have one last thing she wanted to say – another example of how family triumphs over all else here in our Lander’s family. 

When asked what her favorite part of the family business was, Lisa said that it was Rick. Getting to work with him has been a blessing and she is eternally grateful for how much of a leader and a business man he has been while running Lander’s. Their business, and their family, would not be what it is today if it weren’t for Rick’s dedication to both. Being able to raise their family, four children and a lot of memories, in Narrowsburg and be a part of the local business community have been a gift. 

Here at Lander’s, we really do believe it all boils down to family. Our success, our community, our legacy, would be nothing without our amazing extended family. Help us celebrate through October 14th our 64th season, and make some new memories – from our family to yours. 

The image is of Rick, Lisa and their only grandson, Grant

River tip: Bring a buddy with you on the river and remember to take the time to form a new memory or two.

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