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Take a Break, Take a Breath

What if…we took care of our mental health the same way we try to take care of our physical health?

We’ve had a lot of fun this summer but we’d like to take a second and talk about something equally as important as having a good time.

Today, it can be really hard to unplug and get away from the loud, and hectic, thrums of daily life. Smart phones, instant messaging, WiFi, streaming services, we have a lot of distractions, a lot of ways to stay connected, that can take time away from focusing on us. While staying connected is great for work and family, it can cause a lot of strain on your mental status. Technology, especially social media, can cause anxiety and make it harder for us to relax. 

It has been said, for decades, that just going outside in the fresh air and grass can help. The more technology-sound we get, the less we understand that it’s easy to just take a step back and go outside. Go for a walk, sit in the grass, play by the river; it all makes us feel so much better than we think. Or we just don’t know how  to get started. I’ve often heard people ask how they can get up off the couch and get more connected with nature or why they should. It’s really simple. Getting up, getting out, is guaranteed to make you feel a lot better, both physically and mentally. And there are tons of ways to get started. 

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. 

Unplug yourself and take a journey.

Here at Lander’s, we own the perfect space for being able to unplug from your laptop, your TV, your phone, and enjoy the most beautiful parts of life. Taking time out in nature has had scientifically proven benefits to your mental health, and, of course, your physical health. Spending time out in nature reduces depression, increases oxygen in the body, and generally just makes us feel better.

We’re lucky enough to own a lot of nature. Each of our campgrounds are connected with the most beautiful natural space that the Upper Delaware River region has to offer. Our quiet, open fields, where you can camp and hang out with your friends provide fresh air, space, and a connection with the greenery that has been proven to just make us feel…human again. Whether you’re taking a journey down the river using one of our cool water sports vehicles or are hiking around our grounds, you’re connecting to the natural world that does so much for us on the daily.

It’s easy to get started.

We make it easy to enjoy the outdoors without having to go too far from home. Our easy to reach locations (Narrowsburg, Skinner’s Falls, and Minisink) are local to the Upper Delaware region and are comfortable. Our modern amenities, including the showers (which are great) make the campgrounds comfortable and the access to a soothing experience amazing. 

We also offer a variety of fun water sport activities, like kayaking, rafting, and tubing, to get you out on the water (where you virtually cannot take your phone).  You can also camp, live off the land (and the food you bring, of course). The fresh air is sure to do you good – and the fun time will be a definitely bonus.

River Tip: When you’re going out on the river, you should bring your phone (in a water proof baggy) in case of emergency. That being said, make sure that you use it as little as possible to really get a good feel for the great outdoors.

This month’s river deal: It’s Christmas in July! Bring an un-wrapped gift in for a child (to be donated in December) and receive a $5 discount off of canoeing, kayaking, or rating per gift donation. Applies to full priced trips only. No other discounts apply.