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Delaware River Tubing

What if…we spend a little time talking about one of our favorite activities?

We’ve talked about a lot of things…but have we sat down and really had a conversation about some of the great water sports we offer at Lander’s?

Our fantastic campgrounds, built on decades of family and hard work, offer some of the best places to spend a few days with your family and just enjoy yourselves.  Not only do we have beautiful facilities, we have some of the best access to the Delaware River in the area. Easy access to the rapids, wide river, and open air where you can just enjoy the feel of the water. 

I’ve said it before, but we absolutely love being on the water. Our numerous access points to the Delaware make it easy for us to spend a majority of our days in one of our favorite places. We know that it’s been wet, that the weather’s been kind of up and down, but rain or shine the river is waiting.

You could go rafting through the falls and catch some waves or go kayaking and get that extra exercise in – on that day off. Maybe you’re more of a canoeing person – you love the idea of having another body in the boat with you, sharing the work and conversation. Or you could be like me and be a tubing aficionado. While our watersports all provide an awesome Delaware River experience, tubing happens to be my personal favorite.  

What do we do on the water? It’s simple. We go tubing!

We offer a variety of river sports, including tubing, that you can do any day of the week. We are just going to focus on tubing because the river is warm and tubing is popular mid-summer. 

It’s simple; so simple it’s fun.

Tubing can be a relaxing way to soak in the sun or dodge the raindrops. It’s easy to pop into a tube and let it carry you down the river, forgetting your cares for the sway of the craft in the water. When you go tubing, you can do a number of other things while you’re out there. You can take in the foliage, watch for some birds, catch up with your friends and family. Tubing makes it easy to multitask, safely, because of the simple nature of the activity. 

And if you go tubing, you can bring things with you to make the day even more entertaining! Waterproof speakers and snacks are great additions to your tubing trip; they can make it more fun for the kids (okay, even for you – the top 50 this week hasn’t been all that bad), and if you’re going to be out on the water for hours you’ll need some trail mix or something to hold you over until lunch. 

But really…my favorite part is…

Tubing is also an amazing way to do some deep thinking. Whenever I go tubing, I find myself doing some soul searching. It’s a great way to think and disconnect from the world.

But it’s also a great way to not think. As long as you’re being safe and keeping an eye out for other water sporters you can get lost in yourself for a little bit – which is a great mental exercise for the day, weekend, week off. So hop in a tube float from Skinners Falls to Narrowsburg, just 5 miles downstream.  You can arrive at Narrowsburg and we will shuttle you up river to Skinners so when you get off the river your car is right there or you can go to Skinners and get a tube, float downriver and catch a shuttle back to your car.  I always choose to leave my car at my endpoint since when I’m wet and tired from a day on the river I can just get on the road.  Waiting for the shuttle after a day on the river is fine but if I can take a morning shuttle I do. 

My recommendation for this summer? Give us a call, come grab a tube, and go enjoy yourself on the water. 1-800-252-3925

River tip: This article will give you some more ideas on what to do to spice up that tubing trip! 

This month’s river deal: It’s Christmas in July! Bring an un-wrapped gift in for a child (to be donated in December) and receive a $5 discount off of canoeing, kayaking, or rating per gift donation. Applies to full priced trips only. No other discounts apply.