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Fireworks on the River

Phew! It’s July already  – where did the time go?

Personally, I can’t believe that the summer is going by so fast but what I can believe is that we’ve got one of the best places in town to watch fireworks this fourth. 

No…I’m not just bragging.

We offer some pretty unique experiences here at Lander’s. Our packages allow you to get the most out of your midsummer day trip, or long family weekend, while enjoying being an active participant in the beauties that the natural surroundings have to offer. 

Our campsites provide open space, during a normal week, which can be used to count the clouds on a lazy afternoon or stargaze on a warm night. You can cozy up with your family members, eat some marshmallows, and catch up on the ins and outs of your day-to-day lives. In fact, while I don’t like to brag (too much), it can be pretty relaxing to just sit and take in the quietness of the woods around us.

It’s the greatest holiday of the summer and we’ve got a great space to enjoy it.

July 4th is, probably, one of the greatest parts of living in America. An entire day dedicated to celebrating all of the great things our country has to offer, spending it off with our family and friends in the sunshine and the freeness of a hot, sticky, beautiful July day. It’s a day to eat too many hotdogs, enjoy slices of cool watermelon, and play silly outdoor games with the kids. When we spend the fourth of July with our families, with the people we love, it’s a big part of our identities.

At Lander’s, we have plenty of space for you and your loved ones to get away from it all and enjoy the greatest holiday in America. Our campgrounds, in Narrowsburg, Skinner’s Falls, and Minisink, provide you and your family with plenty of room to play, laugh, and enjoy the better parts of life. Whether you’re looking to catch the fireworks in Narrowsburg (the evening of July 5th), trying to snag some more time on the river at Skinner’s Falls, or just looking for a peaceful camp getaway in Minisink, we are able to accommodate you and your family in enjoy the best of the best for this holiday. 

So why not take a load off and dive in?

We know it can be hard to hit ‘pause’ on the summer’s worth of activities. Whether you’re running the kids to eight different kinds of camps or working five days a week and just trying not to loose steam in the heat – it can be hard to take a step back and enjoy your summer. But it’s possible.

 Studies have proven that vacations, of any kind, are good for your mental health and can help improve the overall happiness and healthiness of your family. Let us accommodate you and your needs, and take some time off to enjoy the greater things that this place has to offer. 

Make the best out of this July 4th and turn it into a little stay-cation with your family. Come on down to one of our three campgrounds and enjoy the fact that you are able to do just that because you live in one of the greatest places on Earth.  

How do you get to enjoy your holiday on the river?

It’s simple. Hop on over to our website and book your Fourth of July getaway now. 

River Tip: Make sure that you bring some tasty snacks for your Fourth of July getaway at any of our amazing campgrounds – they’ll keep you and the family fueled and having fun!

This month’s river deal: It’s Christmas in July! Bring an un-wrapped gift in for a child (to be donated in December) and receive a $5 discount off of canoeing, kayaking, or rating per gift donation. Applies to full priced trips only. No other discounts apply.