River safety is important to Lander's River Trips

Keep it Safe, Keep it Fun

What if…summer time enjoyment came without a price, without a pause?

We want you to enjoy your time on the river, safely and responsibly. 

Like many of the finer things in life, a day spent on the Delaware River can’t be taken for granted. While it’s wonderful to spend time under the hot summer sun, enjoying the feel of the water underneath us and the sounds of the woods as they chatter around the riverbanks, we also need to be responsible for ourselves, and for the people around us. Instead of reminding you about how beautiful the river is, and how fantastic our campgrounds are (because, let’s face it, we really do have reality on Cloud 9), we’d like to talk about something extremely important: river safety.

River safety is about so much more than just minding your manners as you float up and down the river, or keeping an eye on the campfire at night. It’s about knowing what to do when things happen on the river; and how to conduct ourselves so that the river is a safe place for everyone.

We’ll start with the basics…how do we act like responsible adults when all we want to do is have fun?

In our post Best Mother’s Day EVER with Lander’s River Trips, we discussed some of the quintessential items that should accompany you on your next river excursion. We covered the basics: sunscreen, snacks, and river appropriate clothing items – all important, especially when you’re scaling the river with your family and friends. But you need more than just some trail mix, a cool hat, and a raincoat to get down the river safely.

Now how do we make sure that we’re being responsible on the water?

It’s super easy; just listen to your common sense! Limit your alcohol intact if you’re going out on the river, make sure you wear a life vest, and remember to tell someone where you’re going! These decisions might seem small, but are really important in the overall scheme of things when you’re on the water.

Take a look below for some more of our favorite river safety tips:

  • Make sure that when you leave for your river excursion, you don’t go alone: The more the merrier works well when adventuring to the Delaware River. Groups of two and more tend to be safer than single-file missions for two reasons: the first is that someone will always know where you are and the second is that someone will always be able to call for help if something were to happen. We also recommend, and hope, that you’ll keep us informed as to how far down the river you plan on going, so we have an approximate time as to when you should be coming out the other side. 
  • When you’re on a rapid – pay attention: Going through the rapids is fun, a thrill that we all love no matter how old we are or how many times we’ve done it. Keep in mind, though, that while you’re on the river you need to keep an eye out for other travelers. If someone is going through the rapids before you keep an eye out for them, ensuring that river safety is maintained for all parties involved. Anytime you come across travelers from a different group, or you are about to collide with other travelers, make sure that you are aware of how much space is between each of you. This will make sure your party, as well as members of other parties, are safe.  
  • Know what your limits are: If you don’t have the upper body strength to go for a six hour kayaking trip, chances are you should probably not go on that trip. Understanding how much your body can take, whether its paddling or swimming, can prove to be lifesaving on the river. Know when to swim to safety and when to swim back to your vessel, and always keep an eye on your party members. While it is important to make sure that everyone is safe, your safety is a priority and knowing your limits will be a big factor in making sure that you are safe in the water. 
  • Keep a first aid kit with you: If you’re planning on going on an extended trip, keep a first aid kit with your party at all times. Band-aids, gauze, joint wrapping, etc., all of these are important for your parties safety and wellbeing, and might come in handy at any stage in your experience on the Delaware River. First aid kits can also come in handy if you’re planning on going camping – while the campgrounds are extremely safe, it’s always reassuring to have a little bit of extra backup on hand.
  • Watch out for things in the river: Be aware of fallen trees, large rocks, or floating debris that you might encounter while out on the water. These can all be pleasant to look at but can create hazards in the water, for you and for other travelers. Most should be avoided so be sure to know how to deal with them if you have to travel in close proximity to them. 
  • Keep an eye out for the river patrol: At various locations along the river, but mainly at Skinners Falls rapid there are volunteers throughout the summer who aid river goers if they capsize and need assistance. We are appreciative of the National Canoe Safety Patrol, which monitors the river for stray or unsafe travelers.

Above all else though, remember:

We want you to have fun, as safely as possible, while you’re out on the the river. We want you to enjoy everything the river, and our beautiful campgrounds, have to offer. All summer, keep us, and our safety tips, in mind while you plan your Delaware River excursion!

River Tip: Having fun on the river by yourself is no fun at all – make sure you bring along friends and family members to get the full ‘Lander’s River Trips’ experience.

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