elaine campground manager

Meet Elaine, Narrowsburg Campground Hub Manager

What if…you could spend everyday working with family and friends doing the things that you enjoy the most?

A family affair.

We find ourselves fortunate often, and count our blessings as much as possible, for the amazing stretch of the Delaware River we get to work on and the fantastic customers we get to work with. By far, one of the best things about our jobs here on the river is the staff at Lander’s. Close family and dear friends make up the crew here on the Delaware and without them Lander’s wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does today. 

We’d like to extend a special thank you to the managers at our Narrowsburg and Skinners Falls hubs, Elaine and Gale, for making it possible to keep Lander’s up and running day in and day out. 

Elaine has been at Lander’s for 13 seasons…and in that time she has become an integral part of our day to day operations

Earlier in the week, I got a chance to talk to Elaine for a few minutes. In that time, I was able to learn a little bit about both her and how she fits into the picture here at Lander’s. Take a look down below to catch a glimpse of some of our conversation and get to know Elaine a little better too!

For some of our conversation we focused on some of the things Elaine likes outside of work.

What is your favorite television show?

E: Hmmm….I’d have to say F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

What is your best habit?

E: My best habit? That’s a tough one…I’d have to say staying physically fit. I go to the gym often and try to keep in the best shape possible. 

How do you handle a rough day/couple of days at work?

E: I just have fun. You can’t be having a rough day if you remind yourself that you’re doing something you really enjoy and are making the most out of the entire situation. 

When it came to camping, the river, and Lander’s, Elaine had a lot to say

What is your favorite camping food?

E: All food! I’m not sure I could pick just one! 

What is the best time, in your opinion, to go down the river?

E: Probably around 10:00 in the morning. I love being in the sun when I’m on the water.

Help us settle this one; canoe, kayak, raft, or tube?

E: That’s hard one…I prefer kayaks and rafts. Kayaks are great for getting a workout in while you’re out with friends and family but rafting is the best way to really enjoy the quietness and comfortability of the river.

What is your favorite part of working at Lander’s?

E: If I had to chose one thing I think it would be all of it. I truly enjoy working at Lander’s, working with friends and meeting new people, interacting with regular customers and the other staff – there’s something fun and enjoyable every day. 

If you had to chose one campsite as your absolute favorite what would it be?

E: Probably the 60’s. 

Elaine’s an integral part of the process here at Lander’s.

We consider everything we do, both on and off the river, to be a family affair. We are sincerely thankful for members of our team, like Elaine, who represent the core of our business…a friendly, caring community who are not offering river trips and camping nights but an unforgettable experience that will be treasured for years. Come on down to our Narrowsburg hub to meet Elaine and all of the other members of our amazing team.

River Tip: It’s human nature to gravitate toward things that we enjoy…so why not come on down and let our family run business help your family enjoy the best of the summer.

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