Sullivan Catskills Dove Trail

Peace, Dove and Rock n Roll

What if…we all could enjoy the peace and quiet of the Delaware River.

The Delaware River is like a dove…it brings us peace, it helps calm us down, and it allows us to quiet our minds.

Now, I’m not saying that the river single handedly holds the key to a life of peace, love, and happiness. I am saying that the river presents an opportunity to reset our stress meter. If you’ve ever stood on one of our sandy river banks or pitched a tent under our real estate in the sky, you know that time spent at Lander’s is time spent in a state of mind that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Toes in the sand, knee deep in the water, or snug in a sleeping bag, being at any of the three riverfront Lander’s campgrounds provides you a connection with nature. You can give in to your thoughts or take a day off and enjoy thinking about absolutely nothing. Or you can find your wild side; test out the rapids, kayak for the first time, or become acquainted with the wildlife living in or near our fresh waters.

And let’s not forget that famous little festival that took place in upstate New York.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or really, anywhere else in the country (maybe even the world). Chances are you’ve heard of Woodstock. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the festival that changed the fate of popular music. For three days in New York it rained peace, music, and well…water..

As a part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Woodstock, we have unveiled a piece of cultural history here at Lander’s. The dove is a symbol of peace, love, and happiness. It invokes our pride in being a part of the state’s history. The dove, which sits in a canoe on the shore of the river inlet at our campground in Narrowsburg, represents the best of the best. From the beautiful psychedelic paint to the images of tents and the American flag, the dove is the perfect addition to the campground. Come out and see it for yourself.

Don’t forget your sleeping bags!

Since you’re already coming out to enjoy a peaceful day on the water and get a picture with our new winged friend, you might as well make it an overnight trip. Camping at Lander’s is a place where you create memories that last a lifetime. Spending time with nature at one of our great campgrounds, as well as taking advantage of one of our packages that make it easy for you and your party to enjoy the night out, it’s hard not to forget your worries. 

Come celebrate the golden anniversary of the biggest popular culture concert ever with us here at Lander’s!

River Tip: While you’re out on the river with your family and friends don’t forget to relax and enjoy the gentle sway of the water and the quiet comfort of the woods around you – after all, there’s a reason that the “3 Days of Peace and Music” happened in the New York foliage!

This Month’s River Deal:

For the month of May, all mothers can camp for ½ price when accompanied by their kids. Lander’s is a family establishment and we’re all about helping your family celebrate the matriarchs in your lives.