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Best Mother’s Day EVER with Lander’s River Trips

What if…you could get away for a weekend and celebrate Mother’s Day under the sun and the stars.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and Lander’s is the perfect place to show Mom just how much she means to you. Take her out on the river for a day of water exploration and one on one time with the family and then spend the night. Camp under the stars, make s’mores and dogs over an open fire; celebrate Mom without breaking the bank or being cooped up in a crowded room.

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What do you bring when you’re going down the river with Mom?

While we can’t tell you what to bring on the river, the following is a list of items we highly recommend for your water adventure. Whether it’s your first time on the water or you’re a seasoned veteran of the tides, it still helps to have a checklist before you start down river.

  1. Sunscreen – I know, I know, sunscreen is a staple in the household of the avid outdoor adventurer. Still, it’s early enough in the season that the stores aren’t plugging sunscreen like it’s water so it’s easy to forget that, despite the overcast skies and cooler temperatures that we’ve been seeing, we still need some skin protection. Anytime you’re going out on the river, or spending time at one of our three campsites, a bottle of sunscreen is a must have.
  2. Hat – Okay…but hats make great gifts. It’s the same as the sunscreen thing, hats are perfect sun protection. But that’s not all they’re good for. Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to gift Mom with a super cute hat, maybe one that sports the Lander’s logo or one from Fort Delaware in Narrowsburg. Or, and hear me out, you could go online to one of the area’s local printing companies and custom design Mom a hat for this Mother’s Day.
  3. Snacks – Anyone can get grumpy without a snack or two. Mom’s on Mother’s Day expect certain things, maybe a nice dinner or a beautiful cake. Taking her on the river is a great alternative to the crowded restaurants and too sweet, store bought icing, but she’s still going to get hungry. Make sure you pack reusable containers of trail mix, and other snacks, for everyone or some fruit. Just, please, if you’re going to visit our campsite with food, take with you what you bring. Help us keep our campgrounds and our waterways clean so that one day your kids can take you on a trip with Lander’s for Mother’s (or Father’s) Day.
  4. River Shoes/Sandals – Okay…okay…we’ve already gotten you to buy a hat…and a raincoat…but hear me out. When you’re on the river you don’t know what could happen; you could find a quiet glen where you want to stop for lunch, or maybe you take a turn too hard and tip. All’s well, but your feet are going to get scratched up at the bottom of the river or the banks of it. If you have on water shoes, or sandals with straps, you’re less likely to get hurt while enjoying your day out.
  5. Windbreakers/Raincoats – Yup…the last thing on our list are made necessary by the fact that we live in a very corner of the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the Pennsylvania or the New York side of the river – up here it rains. A lot. Make sure that you grab a lightweight rain coat of some kind if you’re going out for a long excursion, or even for a short trip. Especially in May, when the weather can’t decide if we’re gonna be sunny or we’re gonna be rainy. If you are going to pack a raincoat, try to find one in bright yellow, pink, or green – brighter colored clothes are able to better reflect the sun and make it easy to be visible on the water. Plus, doesn’t Mom look great in colorful clothes?

Are we forgetting anything – as a matter of fact…

The most important thing you can take with you on the river is a life jacket. We offer a selection of life jackets for adults and children 50lbs and up. If you are planning to go down a river with a child, over the age of five but under 50lbs you will need to bring your own life jacket for them.

Landers recommends that, if you and your family are planning on taking a trip down the Delaware this summer you plan accordingly. Due to the river’s unpredictability, and for the safety of your family, we recommend that only children 5 and up go down the river. If you have younger ones in your family you can still go camping, and enjoy the full effect of being on the river from the banks of the Delaware.

Okay…you’ve checked our list, packed your bag, and are about to head to Lander’s. What now?

Lucky for you, Lander’s has got you covered. Our packages make it easy to camp, spend time on the river, and celebrate Mother’s Day in the great outdoors. And for the month of May, Mom’s are welcome to the camp for half price when they’re with their children. So grab Mom, Dad, and the siblings and come on over. The water’s doing just fine.

This Month’s River Deal:
For the month of May, all mothers can camp for ½ price when accompanied by their kids. Lander’s is a family establishment and we’re all about helping your family celebrate the matriarchs in your lives.