Why Cloudy Days Make For Good River Days

~Sunshine is overrated~

So the research says that a person’s good mood tends to leave with the sun. That surely doesn’t have to be the case on the river! The sun leaving doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Take advantage of every day, no matter the weather. Every day is an opportunity to escape the ordinary, after all, how often do you go camping or spend time on the river. Don’t waste time waiting for the sun. Rent a raft, kayak, or canoe, grab some paddles and hit the river! (Don’t forget to wear your life jacket)!


~Let the outdoors be your distraction~

We all have one. Whether it be a cell phone, tablet, computer, or game boy, our technological devices can take a great deal of our time. You may think you’re only spending a few minutes scrolling through Instagram or sending out an email, however, those minutes can quickly add up. Every once in awhile it’s necessary to turn that thing off, put it away, or put it aside and let the outdoors be your distraction. So what if it’s cloudy? Any day on the river is still better than a day in the office.


~Perfect if you are not a people person~

Not a people person? A cloudy day is your time to shine away when the sun is gone! On a day with possible showers, you will practically have the river to yourself. Perfect day to relax and soak in the beautiful nature around you.


~Wildlife sighting~

Wildlife along the river tend to come out of hiding on an overcast day. The peaceful trip under the clouds is a great day to see eagles perched in the trees along the river so go check it out!

~Makes for unforgettable memories~

It’s no secret that an overcast can lead to showers or a downpour. Heading out on a cloudy day means you are taking the chance of being caught in the middle of a rain storm. If you do get caught in the rain, don’t let it ruin the fun! Anyone can brag about a beautiful day spent on the river, but not everyone has a comical story of a time they were caught in a storm.

You’ll never forget how you felt with your family and friends in your water filled canoe or slippery raft. In years to come, you’ll be telling the story of your epic adventure with Lander’s on the Delaware River and how your cried and laughed the whole ride home.

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