Geoff Chillas

Geoff Chellis

We just completed our 39th annual canoe trip down the Delaware River and would never go with anyone other than Landers River Trips. 
It is family run and you’ll see Rick Landers on site every weekend to make sure things are running right. They have a large campground with many different types of sites to choose from. And they are honest in helping you find what is right for your group. If you have a large group and want a river spot, they will find it but reinforce the need to book early. If you need a pavilion, they have several (and an old aircraft hanger) to choose from. If you have a camper and need a hookup, they have those sites too. They even have a few lean-tos.
As for the river experience, they offer canoes, kayaks and rafts, plus your group can have a mix of all of them based on your group’s interests. They have multiple drop off and pickup spots. And they offer buses so you don’t have to get behind the wheel.
It isn’t fancy when it comes to the facilities but after all, it is camping. The fact that Landers offers showers and real toilets rather than latrines or Port-O-Johns is a luxury. Sure there is a line at the showers on Saturdays when everyone gets off the river but then hang out, have a drink (lighten up) and go back later.
As for the noise, if you want a quite family camping weekend, go to the State Parks that are all about quiet family camping … But if you are a group that likes a flexible camping location, staff that will do their best to let you have fun while keeping everyone safe, and where you can enjoy alcohol without fines, then Landers is the place for you.